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Since its inception in 1983, Shakarganj Research is dedicated to delivering the most advanced innovation and technology to the agriculture sector, especially the sugar industry. Research being conducted at the institute is building a bridge between the organisation, the farmers, and the land through advanced agriculture technology.

We, at Shakarganj, believe that an effective and advanced method of farming, added with new crop variety and environment friendly pest control methods is the key to the future of the agriculture sector. To implement this, Shakarganj has built a research and development network that extends throughout its operations in Pakistan.

Our scientists attend local and international conferences and workshop to equip themselves with latest agricultural practises and have been successful in developing four new varieties of sugar cane, tissue culture of gerbera and most economical and environment-friendly methods of pest control.

True to our agriculture roots, Shakarganj maintains an innovation-centric corporate culture designed to promote and develop the creativity of each employee and maximise our ability to meet the needs of the fast-changing sugar industry.


To be the leading research institute in carrying out agricultural transformation in Pakistan.


To promote sustainable and competitive agriculture through research of pest control and development of new crop varieties to enhance crop yield and land fertility and in the process, enrich lives and environment.