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Soil and Water Analysis Laboratory

Major objectives were achieved through soil and water advisory service, as balanced application of nutrients and irrigation water were done. Soil and water analysis services were done free of cost. The service was beneficial for cane growers to know the correct fertility of soils and fitness status of water for use of fertiliser and irrigation water resources. 19,436 soil and water samples were analysed out of 16,798 acres of land from 4,248 cane growers till 2007. Mapping of soil and water quality status was done for cane supply zone of Shakarganj.

Sugarcane Pathology Laboratory

Established with a modern apparatus in 1992. Screening of about 4,000 promising cane varieties under different selection stages against various diseases of fungi, bacteria and phytoplasmas is done in the lab.  Studies on the interaction of different races of red rot pathogen, genotypes and environment are in progress with isolation of antagonistic fungus (Metarhizium anisopliae)for bio-control of sugarcane termites.

Tissue Culture Laboratory

Established for the rapid multiplication of disease free and true to type seed of new varieties like NSG-311, NSG-555, CSSG-668, CSSG-676, CPF-243 and HoSG-529. Studies on direct regeneration have been initiated for production of more number of plantlets at low cost. In addition, development is in progress on genetically modified mutants having high cane, sugar yields, resistant to biotic and abiotic stresses. Production of plantlets is given in Fig.4.