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Biocontrol of Insect Pest

Use of naturally occurring living organisms to check pest population is one of the safest methods of pest management. A lab was established for artificial rearing of an egg parasite Trichogramma in 1995 to control borers’ complex. Bio control of insect pest established has shown its worth as a sustainable, low-cost, efficient and most importantly environment friendly.

Biological Control of Pyrilla

The main objective was to start artificial rearing of Green Lacewing  (Chrysoperla carnea) and to control infestation of Pyrilla perpusilla in cane fields of Shakarganj. In addition, Chrysoperla is equally efficient for borers of sugarcane, rice, maize and cotton.  Year-wise production ofChrysoperla carnea sheets is given in Fig.5.

Tissue Culture of Gerbera

Ten exotic varieties were cultured having 20 colours and so far 300 plantlets were produced for acclimatisation. High tech lab for enzyme-linked immuno Sorbent Assay (ELISA) for screening of cane varieties against mosaic virus and nematology lab to develop biopesticides of entomopathogenic nematodes were established.