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International Workshop

An international workshop was organised on sugarcane crop. Dr Brine T. Eagin, the ISSCT Executive Committee chairman, was invited as guest speaker. Two scientists of the institute visited South Africa and Mauritius in 1995. Experiment land expanded to 100 acres and gradual switching over new varieties of the institute was continued. Planting technique was developed for growing sugarcane on saline sodic soil in 1996. Different trials conducted on variety comparison, fertiliser and weed control and seed was supplied for 234-demonstration plot of one kanal to the small farmers.

Workshops on R&D

First workshop was organised in 2000.  Six workshops have been completed with each having about 50 scientists from fifteen institutes. 15-20 research papers were discussed and the objective was to give an opportunity to the scientists to have a thorough discussion on various aspects of sugar crops. Research papers along with recommendations were published as proceedings of the workshops in the Pakistan Sugar Journal (PSJ).

International Training of Scientists

Most of the scientists have been trained at the international level on multifarious aspects of crop production, biotechnology and genetic engineering. Two scientists completed their Ph.Ds and two scientists conducted research work for their M.Sc and Ph.D programmes.

Participation in Technical Conferences

During the last five years, scientists of the institute have participated in 30 national and international conferences, seminars, symposiums and workshops.

Gold Medals

Three gold medals were given to one of the scientist at the SSRI on best research papers at the national level and for contributions in the development of sugarcane agriculture in the country.