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Dr. Arshad Ali Chattha

Director General Research & Development

Ph. D. Agronomy

Research Experience


National 134
International 08

Participation in Conferences
Seminars and Workshops Attended / Participated:
National: 35
International: 04

Gold Medals Awarded  for Best Paper in PSST Convention: 04

Foreign Visits      :  02 (China and Egypt)

Book (Kamad Kee Kamyab Kasht):  01

Sugarcane Varieties Evolved: 08
(CPF-237, SPF-213, COJ-84, SPF-234, HSF-240, HSF-242, CPF-243 & SPF-245)

Sugarcane Variety Submitted for Approval: 01
(CPF-246 Approved)

Sugarcane Varieties Developed for Approval: 12
(CPF-247, US-247, US-718, US-778, US-694, US-633, US-133, US50, US-704, US-114, US-127 & US-640)

New Production Technology Introduced: Deep trench planting technique

Irrigation Technique Developed: Alternate skip irrigation technique


Honoraria Received: 04

Appreciation: 03
From D.G. Research: 01
From Secratary Agriculture: 01
From Minister of Agriculture: 01

Projects Handled: 05

Recommendation for Extension in Service:
Law Minister of Punjab
Chief Secretary of Punjab

Recommendation for Civil Award:
Secretary Agriculture Govt. of the Punjab

Recommendation for Scientist Emeritus:
Secretary Agriculture Govt. of the Punjab
Ministry of Agriculture

Developed  New Sowing Techniques:
(a) Sowing of wheat in standing cotton crop
(b) Sowing of wheat after rice without soil preparation.
(c) Sowing of rice in “Vattar” soil with drill (Direct seeding of rice).
(d) Sowing of garlic onion gram lentil with wheat potato, raya, barseem and sunflower in September sown sugarcane crop.
(e) Sowing of lady finger, cow-peas mung bean soya bean sunflower onion and maize fodder with Spring planted cane.

Inter cropping:
Inter cropping of lentil with wheat in rainfed and irrigated areas.

Reley Cropping:
Sowing of berseem in standing crop of sunflower rely cropping of wheat with guar.  Relay cropping of lentil with sunflower.

Dr. Shahid Afghan

Director Research

Ph. D. Agronomy
Post-Doctorate (Molecular Biology)

Impact factor papers:27
Research papers: 57
Conference Papers: 13



Training Course
(a) National Cadet Corps, Pakistan Army
(b) Corporate Planning, Lahore Univ. of Management Sciences,Lahore
(c) Sugarcane Technology, Shakarganj Training Institute, Jhang
(d) Basic of Exports, Jhang Chamber of Commerce & Industry
(e) Internal Audit ISO-9002, Moody International, UK
(f) Professional Business English Language, SURE Institute,Lahore

(a) Q. A. Gold medal on best research paper from Pakistan
Society of Sugarcane Technologist
(b) Evolution & Development of two new sugarcane varieties
SPSG-26 & SPSG-394, approved by the Government of
Pakistan for commercial cultivation. A large number is in pipeline
(c) Editor of Scientific Research Journal “Pakistan Sugar Journal”.
(d) Low Cost Production Technology, for growing of field Crops.
(e) Biological Control of sugarcane borer’s complex.
(f) Formulation of an organic fertilizer (Bio-compost) a rich source
of macro-micro nutrient & organic matter.
(g) Technical training of 30-Extension Agronomists on production technology of sugarcane crop.


Sugarcane Pathologist


M. Sc. (Hons.) Agriculture Specialization Plant Pathology

Experience 11-years