Shakarganj funds advanced research in sugarcane technology through Shakarganj Sugar Research Institute (SSRI). This institute is first of its kind private sector initiative in Pakistan, established on July 13, 1983.

Main objective of the institute is to develop new cane varieties capable of producing sugar and other products of economic importance at lower cost than could be attained from existing commercial varieties.  Development of new varieties of the institutes with best management practices has increased about 10 percent crop productivity of Shakarganj cane growers.

We have successfully bred a number of proprietary sugarcane varieties which increase the yield for our farmers and improve sugar content of the produce. At the same time, low cost, efficient and environment friendly biocontrol systems for pest of sugarcane crop are also made available by the institute. All research results and benefits are open and available to the stakeholders without cost as a national service.

Board of Governers