Bio-control Labs was established in 1995 for control of major infesting pest insects of sugarcane crop.  Bio-control of pest insect has shown its worth as sustainable, efficient, low cost and most important are environment friendly. Trichogramma chilonis an egg parasite and Chrysoperla carnea is reared as nymph predator of pyrilla at the lab.

Biocontrol of borer complex of Shakarganj cane growing area is a big achievement of teamwork of our organization’s concerned quarter. Besides direct control, Trichogramma chilonis releases may also have a preventive effect, providing benefit not only to the current period of utilization, but also to successive years of crop cultivation. Objective of mass production of the green lacewing (Chrysoperla carnea) is to control infestation of Pyrilla (Pyrilla purpusilla), which was not possible through any other mean. It has shown an efficient predator of Pyrilla eggs and nymphs.

Trichogramma chilonis

Chrysoperla carnea